Reading this article will help you understand why do we have cravings and how to avoid them.

I don’t know how about you, but I get these crazy cravings that are sooo hard to notice and stop. Sometimes I get so upset with myself because I will think of the craziest reasons why I should eat that milk chocolate, that I generally don’t like, why I should drink that hot coco, that will blow me up like a balloon.

Have you ever thought this: β€œOh, no kids should not eat so much chocolate – go eat some, so they have less”?

I have πŸ˜€ and that got me thinking – Am I so week that I can’t stop stuffing my body with snacks that are not good for me? Turns out it’s not about being weak.

Turns out there are:

  • 6 types of hunger and

  • 5 reasons why our subconscious mind makes us eat things that are not benefiting us.

6 types of hunger.

  • Hunger from an empty stomach – for example when you wake up in the morning, you have this feeling of empty stomach.

  • Hunger from dehydration – you feel hungry, but actually you are thirsty.

  • Hunger for variety – If most of the time you have the same kind of food and snacks – you’ll feel hungry every time you see something different.

  • Hunger due to a low blood sugar

  • Nutritional hunger – you lack proper building blocks to your body, so even when you eat a bowl of mac and cheese, you still feel hungry, because you lack nutrients.

  • Emotional hunger – you feel down, depleted, bored, sad, lonely – you want to eat some chocolate or something sweet. Well chocolate will get that serotonin going for a while, but remember, chocolate will not make you happy.

5 reasons why our subconscious mind makes us eat rubbish

This actually is something that is programmed into our subconscious mind since time when we still were living in caves. It’s our primitive mind that takes control over our conscious mind, and makes us eat the sweets or snacks or huge portions that we don’t really need.

  • the knowing – you’ll run out of it – the season will change and you’ll not gonna have ( berries, honey), so binge on it while it lasts, you will need that extra layer of fat in winter.

  • When you see food – eat it! If you passed a food source, there was no knowing when the next opportunity to feed would come.

  • Variety makes you want to eat more – Your senses are stimulated by different colours, smells and textures. You want to try more. (check back to hunger for variety)

  • Being afraid to die from hunger. If you starve you die, so at the slightest signs of an empty stomach, we are afraid that we’ll die from hunger – we just grab the first snack we see chocolate bar or a hot dog– to be safe that we survive.

  • Since birth we are attracted to sugary, fatty, milky foods – thanks to breast milk – as babies – this has been our place of peace and abundance and overall feeling good. So now when we feel sad, unknowingly we look for sweets – to have that feeling even for a moment. (emotional hunger)

This all seems too much to handle? It’s not too bad! You just need to be aware of this and be mindful with your choices. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with yourself! That might sound silly, but it will definitely help your food choices!

What can you do to stop munching on empty calories?

  • Start your morning with a glass of water and hydrate yourself throughout the day – remember those at least 8 cups of water?

  • Eat healthy colorful meals with lean meats, veggies, good carbs – to make sure nutritional hunger doesn’t set in

  • Question everything your mind tells you to – snacking on milk chocolate, salty fatty crisps. Ask yourself – Is this going to help me? How I will feel when I eat this?

  • Make your snacks boring – when snacking, choose one, kind of snack – if it’s crisps – choose just one small packet, instead of 3 different ones with multitude of dips.

  • If you know you have crazy cravings for foods that you can’t stop eating – just don’t keep them at home.

  • If you tend to open your fridge doors 10 times an hour – put glass of lemon water in it – that will be a reminder to have a drink instead of snack.

Be mindful! Don’t let those primitive instincts trick you! Your body will be grateful!

You can read more how we impact our kids eating choices without even realizing it.

Reach out if you are needing support!

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