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I'm your life coach, mom coach, parenting coach and relationship coach.
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What? So Many Coaches All Rolled Into One?

Yes, and not only that! I’m a homeschooling mother of 3 amazing boys. So here I am willing to help you with my 10 years experience of being a mother, 20 year experience of being a spouse, 4 years experience of being a homeschooler.

“I’m not here to sugarcoat it. I’m here to listen and help you to find the real you. No judgment.”

I’m here to help you to stay sane and confident through ups and downs of parenting. To not to loose yourself in your relationships with your kids and spouse and work.

I Have Always Been Interested

in human mind and Psychology. I actually started studying to become an occupational therapist to help people in need. This looked so interesting on paper, but in reality, this occupation turned out to be too depressing for me. I guess I was not ready for it at the age of 19.

I’m Someone That Was Questioning

the need to have children, but ended pp with 3! No, not because of faulty contraception method. They have been three conciouss decisions. Becoming a mother turned my life up side down. Starting with crazy baby blues after my firstborn. My perfect “natural birth” story turned into an “interesting experience”of birth stimulation, popping of waters, two sets of epidurals. All this ended 29 hours later with an emergency C – section. It took a while for me to realize that this didn’t make me a bad mother.

What Was Happening To Me Emotionally –

was something crazy! All my emotions that were hidden, came up for reevaluation. Many forgotten moments from my childhood came up, that made me question my parents sanity. Let’s put it this way – I did lots and lots of emotional healing. That was uncomfortable but necessary for me as a person. I needed that to be the best mom for my child and to maintain good relationship with my mother.

None Of My Three Pregnancies Were Easy,

but the second one was particularly tough. I was sleeping and vomiting for almost six months. That was such a big shock to my body, that still to this day, I can’t stand the smell of raspberry and mint. (That was a smell of only shower-gel I could use while expecting my second son.) And after six month of “neglecting” my oldest, I had to regain his trust and rebuild relationship with him. The toughest part with my third baby was the unimaginable pain of retracting uterus after last C-section. And the mind-blowing physically hurting feeling of realization that I’ll not have more babies. I blame it on hormones but still that was a reaction I would never expect to have.

Becoming A Mother

has really been a lifechangeing moment and it has only just begun. There has been so many moments in my life when I have felt crazy, and stupid, when in fact I have been just normal. So This is the reason why I am here, opening up to you. I want to tell you that you are good. You just need some help to remember it.

I’m not here to sugarcoat it. I’m here to listen and help you to find the real you. No judgment.

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