What Nobody Told You Before Becoming A Mother

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What is IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Therapy? And how it can help you?

Reading this article will help you understand what is IEMT and when it's beneficial to you, and when it's best to try different healing modality. How did I learn about IEMT?   I first learned about IEMT when I was dealing with my PTSD (Post traumatic stress...

5 Reasons Why Are We Munching On Sweets?

Reading this article will help you understand why do we have cravings and how to avoid them. I don't know how about you, but I get these crazy cravings that are sooo hard to notice and stop. Sometimes I get so upset with myself because I will think of the craziest...

Death And 3 Reasons Why You Should Write What If Scenario For Your Life Partner.

I hope that reading this article will make you think and do that unpleasant death conversation and you will write “What if” scenario. So that if worst happens this scenario will be your go-to. Saying that, I hope it will just stay a scenario. So, You are in a loving...
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