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Nowdays We Have So Many Coaches

We have a relationship coach to help us deal with our relationships, we have Parenting coach to help us raise our kids, we have a life coach to help us deal with our life problems, we have our lifestyle coach – to improve our lifestyles, fitness coach to improve our physiques, but why do we need a Moms coach?

Mom Coach

Why would mothers need  coaching? Being a mother is a natural thing – it should come naturally. But what if it doesn’t? What if thanks to all the hormones it feels weird and unnatural? What if you don’t understand your body anymore. What if you used to be a “snow queen” but now you just can’t stop sobbing at every little thing? 

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For me becoming a mother was just about as natural and comfortable as jumping into ice cold water during a hot summers day!

Why? When you become a mother, your whole world is turned up side down. From being a daughter, sister, friend, partner, spouse, you go to a totally different territory – you become 100% responsible for another human being. A being that can’t survive without you for the first month of his or hers life and after that is totally dependent from you for the first year of life. If that is not life changing event – I don’t know what is! And when we have these moments, they can be a bit traumatic too.

If you have ever felt:

  • baby blues or post partum depression
  • feeling not good enough mother
  • feeling like you don’t know who you are
  • feeling like you have lost your spark
  • feeling “gray” and “numb”
  • feeling that you don’t like the kind of mother you have become
  • feeling stuck in someone else life

That means that this new role has been traumatic for you too. It’s ok, to feel like this time after time, but if you feel like that most of the time, it’s time to reach out for help! Don’t hesitate! You can feel so much better so quickly, that you’ll wonder who thta unhappy, miserable person was! Even though venting to a friend of a spouse can help, I don’t suppose they could help you in long term. Unless they have some coaching experience that is.

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Parenting Coach

Most of the time the change that we want to see in our family are hidden in our everyday interactions with our spouse and with our kids and other family members. When you hire a parenting coach, I can help you to find these little underwater stones that are tripping you up. I know you want to be the best parent you can be! And trust me there is no shame in looking for help!

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During some days even, I, being a coach, need some help from a coach not to loose myself again!

Ideally , as a parenting coach, I should be working with both parents, and in some cases even grandparetns.

Why Would A Parent Need Coaching?

  • Is your partner on the same page regarding parenting?
  • You want to stop raising your voice when parenting
  • You feel that you want to be a different kind of parent
  • You feel that you don’t like the kind of parent you have become
  • You feel that your kids are becoming distant

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Relationship Coach

There is no secret to having good and healthy relationships in your life. You are the only secret. It takes some small steps to see hughe difference in your relationships when you start to think how YOU interact with others and yourself.

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Have A Guess How A Relationship Coach Can Help You?

  • Are all relationships in your life working well?
  • Do you have a loving relationship with your parents, your partner and your children?
  • What about your colleagues?
  • Do you have healthy boundries with people in your life?
  • Do you have a healthy relationship with yourself?
  • Do you know that you are amazing?
  • Do you know that you are ehough?

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Life Coach

Life coach is not some gray haired old being that lives in a cave. He or she is just person who has been in your shoes, and turned him/her life arround. If you hire me as your lifecoach, I can help you to find your limiting beliefs and help you eliminate them. Limiting beliefs? Yes, beliefs that keep you stuck, keep you from acieving your goals or reaching for more!

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Beliefs that make you feel like you don’t deserve good things, or good people in your life. It’s time to contact me if you feel any of the feelings described!

My first coaching session is getting to know each-other session, when we decide if are a good match. It’s about 30 minutes long and it’s free.

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Let The Moms Talk

For two months I was in the lowest point of my life. Burnout at work, couldn't keep up with my extremely high expectations in childminding, no time for self-care, arguments in family, felt like too much.

About Integral Eye Movement I learned accidentally on Instagram.

I decided to give it a try, because therapy in it's classical form, seamed like spending too much time to feel some actual result.

IEMT amazingly quickly got rid off my guilt due to accident with my child, that was torturing me in nightmares.

Inese with her experience and knowledge of different techniques, can find the best suitable modality especially for you, asking the right questions, she pushes the buttons that need to be pushed!

Eye movements is not all you do during session. That is something much more. What Inese does ,I would say, is a combination of therapy, psychology, coaching, IEMT and NLP. Exactly this unique are her sessions!

By the way, it's very easy to talk and open up to Inese, she creates rapport immediately.

As a result, Inese has helped me accept my past in more factual manner and without guilt. It's easier to accept people around me for who they are, not to loose it, and act age appropriate. And much more!

If you want a healthier outlook on life, accept your past, definitely try coaching and IEMT with Inese.


Mom who has just returned to employment


When my everyday emotions started to resemble a rollercoaster, and I started to loose my cool, I realized that this is impacting my relationships with my children and husband in a very bad way.

Inese helped me understand that these are just consequences, the root cause is somewhere in my past.

Attending Integral Eye Movement Therapy sessions, I got to know myself better.

I remembered different memories from my childhood, that were affecting my behaviors and emotions today.

I understood how my personality was affected by my past.

I learned tools, that I can use on my own to help me in my everyday life.

After only 8 sessions with Inese, I'm at peace with myself. I'm my own priority once again. Thanks to that, my everyday-life is much more peaceful now. I love taking part in different projects and activities. My life is much more fulfilling.

Marta Stradina

Mom and entrepreneur, Creator of “Straduraksti”

I felt very depressed – I felt like my life is in ruins. I had crazy mom guilt – I felt like a bad mother. Some negative situations, could break me for days. I would cry, close off and avoid everyone.

Then I won 3 IEMT sessions!

During our first session, we worked on guilt. I was truly in shock, how this method works, so quickly and powerfully at the same time! Focusing on exact memories, and moving eyes in certain patterns, I got rid of this mom-guilt that had been torturing me for 3 years! And it happened only in 1 session!

I continued to work with different memories and with every time, I felt emotionally more stable, more sure of myself.

The most interesting was working on unpleasant, heavy emotions – during eye movements, I had a feeling that the memories are being erased like with an eraser, and the memory becomes like a photo in an album. I remember it, but it doesn't evoke any negative emotions.

It helps move on without dragging the emotional baggage behind.

Now, at last, I feel emotionally stable, I have learned to understand my emotions, and deal with them. Every time something negative happens, I bounce back quickly and in a constructive way, instead of braking down, as before.

I feel that IEMT has helped me feel whole again, and I feel much more positive now.


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