Reading this article will help you understand what is IEMT and when it’s beneficial to you, and when it’s best to try different healing modality.

How did I learn about IEMT?


I first learned about IEMT when I was dealing with my PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).

It took only one session for all the stress and flashbacks and uncontrollable emotions to disappear. I could not believe that it’s possible!

The moment that I experienced the relief, was the moment when I new, I will learn this technique.

Now, I’m practicing as the first Advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapy practitioner in Latvia.

What is Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) ?


  • IEMT is a quick change work therapy that results in immediate and lasting relief of unpleasant emotional state;

  • It’s a rather new Therapy originated in UK, You can read more on the Association of IEMT Practitioners  website;

  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy is simple and effective, but it’s not easy. It’s not a magic wand, but the feeling after the sessions sometimes is magical;

IEMT is a technique that creates rapid and lasting change of bothersome emotional and/or identity imprints.

It consists of few modules


  • Patterns of Chronicity

  • 3 pillars of emotional cycling

  • Identity

  • PTSD module


(Advanced Practitioners)

  • fears, phobias,
  • dreams
  • your metaphor

All these modules help to understand how you have learned to be the way you are.

When did you learn to be afraid of dogs? Why do you have fear of public speaking? Why you have fear of flying? Why do you feel depressed? Why you can’t loose weight? Why you sometimes are overcome with sudden anxiety, anger etc.

         When we find the root of your behaviors and feelings, then we work on it by asking specifically formulated questions while doing a specific eye movement patterns. By doing this, your emotional state dissipates or becomes much less bothersome.

         Unlike other therapies that uses eye movements, Integral Eye Movement Therapy pays a lot of attention to tiny involuntary “jumps” that occur while moving eyes through different axes. They give precise information to the practitioner to how to continue the eye moment.

This might be the reason why IEMT is so effective in getting rid of lots of emotional and identity imprints, that usually take very long time or is almost impossible to heal.

IEMT practitioner doesn’t just heal you super quickly and leave you on your own.

      As IEMT practitioner, I’m knowledge to help you understand yourself and others on much deeper level. I’m giving you tools that help you act differently next time when problematic situation arises, tools and knowledge that help you control your triggers and your behavior.

As For IEMT to be effective direct contact is not necessary, lots of IEMT practitioners offer online sessions. It saves you travel time and allows you to do the healing from safety and comfort of your home.

By the way, IEMT can be used on teenagers and kids as young as 8, 9 years of age.

When Integral Eye Movement Therapy is not for you?


Yes, IEMT is great, but it’s not the “absolute cure” for everyone. There are people who shouldn’t proceed with IEMT.

Such conditions as:

  • Epilepsy
  • Head trauma or surgery less that 2 years to date
  • Brain injury or surgery less that 2 years to date
  • Eye injury or surgery, Lasik less that 2 years to date

If you are:

  • diagnosed depression that is being treated with prescription drugs
  • diagnosed neurological issues that are being treated with prescription drugs
  • can’t take responsibility for your actions
  • can’t follow the process because you know everything best

In this case it’s best to choose different approach to your healing, but the best way to find it out is via free discovery call.

When IEMT is the perfect solution for you?


Definitely turn to Integral Eye Movement Therapy practitioner, if you have:

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • phobias – fear of flying, dentist, dogs etc

  • limiting beliefs – Imposter syndrome, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of child-birthing

  • PTSD (uncontrollable flashback memories +overwhelming emotions)

  • Past traumas – physical – after suffering a serious injury, psychological – childhood trauma, abandonment etc.

  • prolonged grief

  • even in conditions like migraine, vegetative dystonia, eating disorders, IEMT can help immensely to improve the state or even eliminate it.

Do you really want to understand if Integral Eye Movement Therapy is for you? Book your free discovery call now! During this 30 minute zoom call you’ll try if IEMT works for you and if it’s for you?

It’s time to heal your traumas, to step into the next level of your life!

Choose joy! Have fun! Be you!

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